Our combined commercial and clinical expertise means we are able offer a wide range of mental health solutions and interventions that deliver results. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to help companies promote a culture that fosters a positive approach to mental health.

Did you know, poor mental health at work costs UK employers up to £45 billion each year? On average employers who invest £1 in supporting their employees mental health will see a return of £5 in reduced presenteeism, absence and employee turnover.

         Source: Deloitte 2020

Why partner with us?

We are passionate about helping companies to promote and support positive mental health and wellbeing. Our approach and broad range of solutions offer a perfect blend of commercial and clinical expertise for SME organisations. 

  • Expertise: we have a unique set of commercial and clinical experience
  • Bespoke: we design solutions to meet your needs
  • Quality: we offer high quality interventions and support